About Us

My story is …….

I was motivated to develop this website for few reasons. I wanted to share certain aspects of my story especially in regards to health so that it may inspire other people. Secondly, I always have an opinion on everything – why not make some of it public? I always enjoyed sharing interesting stories and videos with friends and family.  Why not use technology and put all of it on a website?

Our garden

In August 20, we produced our first ever video!

For us, the garden is a place that nurtures, nourish, therapeutic and demonstrates the essence of life daily. From beginning to end how plants start so tiny from a seed, grow to maturity, gives a bounty of harvest, and eventually dies. There is so much parallel to human life and the garden is one place that reminds us of our mortality every day.

Ours is a mixed garden which, at this point, includes a few edible trees, greens, vegetables, vines, flowers, cactus, orchids, bromeliads, Australian natives, and water plants. The garden was not designed with any specific style in mind. As our love of gardening and confidence grew, we experimented and added new stuff and chopped and changed. We have seven raised beds where we predominantly grow veges, herbs and leaves.

We have also included lots of flowering plants like dahlias and basil so that it will attract plenty of bees.

In our minds a garden is never complete – always a work in progress!