Day: July 11, 2021

Note from Debbie on Limitation of Judging OthersNote from Debbie on Limitation of Judging Others

Don’t identify with this trait. We get too caught up with our identifications and this leads us to friction. As the other seeker said, loosen the grip.
Sadhguru says neither believe nor disbelieve anything; find out for yourself what is in your own experience. Moralising and drawing up ethical values only limits us. We do not need to live by morals and ethics when we become yoga; it will anyway happen. So loosen the grip on identifying with these beliefs and seeing yourself this way.
We are best not to even identify ourselves as man or woman; this causes us to live within certain limitations.
So just freely being a piece of life, life will anyway happen to us.

Fix ourselves in Yoga and all will fall into place. Let others be as they are. This is what is in their realm of experience. We can experience only what is in ours. I have thought many times that putting my viewpoint across would cause someone to change their point of view – and I have been guilty of wanting that to happen instantly countless times. But we all come to it as and when we’re ready. Some people take lifetimes to process, others a few minutes. Ours is not to judge them. Focus on our joy, our Sadhana, let other fall in love with us and how we are; then they’ll want a piece of it for themselves and naturally seek it 🙏🏼