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Palm Beach to Manly walkPalm Beach to Manly walk

On 21st Sep, I decided to register for this fundraising event call bloodylongwalk.

I had stopped walking as an exercise couple of the years back, but was doing Surya kriya and shambavi regularly. I truly believed and trusted that this will give me enough of a solid foundation to take up the challenge. I did practice walks daily for 10 days before the event.

Well, it happened yesterday. Started in Palm Beach at 7 and finished around 5.30 in Manly covering a distance of 35 km. Although physically most challenging it was mentally exhilarating – to me it was like winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics.

I cannot Thank Sadhguru and Isha enough for teaching tools that can truly transform the quality of one’s life.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏